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MIMIC benefits patients, image providers & physicians

A Revolutionary
Centralized Cloud-Based

Enabling healthcare providers, payers, radiology imaging companies & patients with secure access to real-time patient diagnostic images and reports sharing across organizational boundaries.


Image Providers

• Reduce costs on producing image CDs, local storage & labor
• Most secure network for images & report sharing
• Physician receives automated progress notifications/alerts
• Promotes higher quality of care measurements that leads to higher reimbursement rates
• MIMIC can bridge or work independently of PACS systems
• MIMIC acts like a hub for patients, diagnostic imaging centers & physicians
• Significantly reduced costs for long-term archival of images and reports


• Web-based & easy to use!
• Eliminate CDs that are difficult to read
• Quick access to images & reports
• Automated notification & alerts systems
• Creates flexibility in remote/Telemedicine capabilities
• Easily download patient images & reports to your EHR or PACS system
• Mimic improves the quality of care to your patients


• MIMIC is Free & easy to setup
• Easily accessible & secure medical imaging & reports
• Patient owns images & can direct who sees them
• Receive alerts when doctors are notified
• Duplicate imaging fees are a thing of the past
• Doctor can easily access your images & reports
• View & compare your past & present medical records
• Quickly connect with physicians for 2nd & 3rd opinions
• Store all your images in a secure database (No more CDs!)