Michael A. Muenchenbach – Chief of Operation and Support

Michael was involved and responsible for the design, implementation and support of the early shared ATM networks in small regional networks in Southwest Ohio. He became the Director of Marketing for the first statewide ATM network in Florida known as Honor. Michael’s responsibility for Honor was the sale and implementation of the services throughout the State to Banks and S&L’s. Michael then designed and became Director of Operations and Support for the first Telecommunications System’s ATM network that deployed their services nationwide. From that point he helped design, develop, market and support multiple data services and payment products throughout the country.In addition, Michael also served 7 years as President of a local Public School in Southwest Ohio while also working for the state of Ohio and Indiana for 5 years developing and implementing School to Work programs for High School Students with disabilities. Michael is currently involved in the design and development of the operation and customer support for the Twisted Ceptors LLC product known as MIMIC.