Leslie Purdy  – Partner

Leslie Purdy has over 40 years of IT experience, with over 30 years in Healthcare in both the provider and payer space. Leslie has previously held senior management positions in several healthcare software and hospital companies managing application development and EDI business development functions.

Currently, Leslie is a partner in Twisted Ceptors, LLC and is the product manager of the MIMIC and EMR products, providing the vision of functions/features and user Graphical interfaces based on strategic business requirements. MIMIC is the first truly secure inter-operable diagnostic imaging and report eco-system providing a vendor neutral shareable network to share the images and reports with physicians, patients and image providers. The newest addition to the Twisted Ceptors portfolio is the EMR application (Electronic Medical Records), a powerful cloud based application for small to medium practices.

Additionally, Leslie is President of M2 Systems Corporation, a provider of Elite Software Engineering solutions and developer of the ENGIN© software, an enterprise application integration tool kit that also supports the Healthcare payer market for claims clearinghouse solutions. Leslie is the product manager responsible for the healthcare application requirements for the healthENGIN vertical application, including the design and implementation of new products and features.

Leslie has been the visionary behind the healthENGIN suite of products for the last 25 years, including the single-pass mapping translator, the business rule management foundation that allows the product to stay in the forefront of compliance, as well as the Graphical User Interfaces that all of our trading partners, back-office administrators and network configuration setups administer. Leslie’s knowledge of the business is second only to her knowledge of the products that her group supports, creates and installs.