Thinking Ahead

There are so many competing pressures on healthcare providers today; meaningful use, data security, managing costs and of course increasing revenue. Solving all of these issues can sometimes seem like a mine field… what systems should I buy, how do I ensure data security while exposing it in patient or physician portals, how can I maintain or reduce my costs while meeting all of these requirements. MIMIC can help you meet these requirements through a revolutionary approach to the healthcare eco-system:

• Increase revenue by extending your patient reach
• Provides an instant return through cost savings
• No cost to join
• Adapts to all image provider environments; no system to install
• Provides a free secure place where patients can participate
• Provides a free secure place where physicians can improve quality of care
• Provides a secure cloud based storage vault for images and reports

Caring is Sharing

Empower Patients
& Healthcare Providers

MIMIC allows the ownership of the images to be in the Patient’s hands and enables interoperability between Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Patients and Physicians.

Streamlined Diagnosis
& Decision Making

Diagnosis & decision-making are streamlined. Hard copy production costs can now be eliminated with MIMIC’s cloud-based service that is also PACS compatible.

Real-Time Access to Historical Records

All participants now have real-time access to historical records & business intelligence tools that eliminate overhead costs & improve the quality of Patient Care.



No real-time solutions today for sharing radiology images and reports between physicians, imaging providers and patients
Too much duplication of imaging
No notification to the patient following physician review of image and report
Too many manual processes today in order for providers to access patient images and reports


Secure Web-based Cloud platform that provides sharing images and reports
Eliminated localized storage costs
Patient owns the image and report and optionally assigns rights to providers
Provides secure audit trail